Dr James Burt - Plastic Surgeon

In order to be comfortable in one's skin it is
sometimes necessary to seek corrective
reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Dr James Burt located in Melbourne, will take great care in assessing your particular circumstance and assist you in making an informed decision. The cornerstone of the practice is understanding, empathy and compassion and we help you to navigate through the decision making process about your health issue  from the first consultation to post procedural  recovery.

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Information about the sun, sunscreens and your skin

Jun 12 2016
What is UV anyway? The sun radiates light and heat towards the earth. We classify the different components of the sun's energy according...

Advice on the care of scars

Jun 12 2016
All surgical wounds leave a scar however fine. All scars pass through obligatory phases of wound healing.  After the initial healing ph...

Does the site of my skin cancer make a difference?

Jun 12 2016
In most cases the part of your body on which a skin cancer is found does not effect the likelihood of having further troubles in the future with...

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