Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty is the term for a range of procedures which aim to address issues relating to tissue excess of the upper and lower eyelids.

Traditionally blepharoplasty has involved the removal of skin and excess fatty tissue from the upper and or lower eyelids. Whilst these procedures remain the core of many blepharoplasty procedures today often additional procedures such as tightening lax lower eyelids and/or repositioning the lower eyelids are considered in the planning stages to aim for an individualised optimum outcome.

The goal is to achieve balance; and where possible restore proportion in keeping the rest of your periorbital tissues. This can be a complex discussion because most often the changes to the eyelids relate to aging. Most people therefore have other features of aging in the brow, cheeks and lower face they need to either decide to accept and leave unchanged or consider addressing with other procedures.

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