Facelift is the commonly used term for a range of procedures which aim to address issues relating to tissue excess of the midface, lower face, jawline and neck.

Traditionally facelift has involved the removal of skin and excess fatty tissue from the lower face and neck, tightening the muscle layer (SMAS and platysma muscle) beneath the skin and repositioning the facial and neck tissues back to a more favourable position. Excess skin is then traditionally trimmed in the area in front of the ear and behind the ear where the incisions can be best hidden.

Whilst these procedures may remain the core of many facelift procedures today often additional procedures such as liposuction are considered in the planning stages to aim for an individualised optimum outcome. On occasion facelift may be a radical departure from these traditional techniques and comprise a vertical midface lift combined with eyelid surgery or browlift with less emphasis on the lower face and neck.

Finally some patients will elect to combine brow, midface, necklift and eyelid surgery or pick elements which they most wish to address.

Texture versus Structure. Facelift procedures are designed to address changes to the foundation tissues of the face and neck (usually the effects of ageing and gravity) they do not address the textural issues of your skin.

In Australia most of us have superficial textural changes affecting our skin (pigmentation, fine lines around lips, crow's feet around the eyes) as the result of sun damage and ageing. These changes are usually best addressed by non surgical techniques and are not addressed by facelift procedures. Facelift procedures seek to reposition facial structures back to a position they may have been some years ago. Clearly, to get the optimal outcome, some patients will elect to pursue a correction of the facial structure (through a facelift procedure) and facial texture through non surgical techniques to improve skin quality.

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