Click through to learn how Dr Burt treats BCC and SCC with skin cancer surgery and what happens at your first consultation
Follow this link to learn the various elective hand surgeries Dr Burt performs to alleviate patients' pain and discomfort
Dr James Burt performs restorative surgery for breasts, abdomen, eyes, ears and nose. Learn more here at this linked page.
Dr James Burt, respected Melbourne plastic surgeon, takes great care in his assessment for you to make an informed decision

Dr James Burt - Plastic Surgeon

In order to be comfortable in one's skin it is
sometimes necessary to seek corrective
reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Dr James Burt located in Melbourne, will take great care in assessing your particular circumstance and assist you in making an informed decision. The cornerstone of the practice is understanding, empathy and compassion and we help you to navigate through the decision making process about your health issue  from the first consultation to post procedural  recovery.

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